This is the Deep

Lo-fi indie rock has been dominating the airways recently all over the world. This Is The Deep is taking advantage of the craze with their new single ‘Simulator’. Drawing influences from bands like The Beach Boys and Talk Show, This Is The Deep have a very unique blend of authentic guitar, bass, and drum formula with a modern twist. One of the things in this song that sticks out is the bass. It has a very funky distinct riff that drives the song and almost invokes a type of psych/disco feel to it.

The quirky group consists of post-punk royalty Susie Honeyman (Mekons) on fiddle, Sammy Silue on guitar and vocals, Ranald Macdonald on synth and vocals, Hannah Tilson on Trombone and vocals, David Bardon and Oscar Robertson on bass and drums, and electronic drums and percussion from Liam Toon.

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